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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." – Albert Einstein

I have always loved mysteries, but very seldom the kind where the detective unveils the murderer. Since my earliest days reading Sherlock Holmes, I always appreciated the successful completion of more complex puzzles.

To quote S.H. "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

Walter Forbes is a 21st century P.I./Information Security Specialist trying to do the right thing in an ethically challenged business and world.

In the classic film noir tribute Last Heartthrob, he wrestles with the mysterious workings of fate when a routine high-tech background check turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

In the sexy political thriller The Catalonian Candidate, he confronts the mysteries of human desire when an assignment to provide personal information security for a presidential candidate places him on the front lines of the War on Terror.

Both tales focus on very human conflicts without offensive language, explicit sex, or violence.

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-- Bruce Cantwell

LastHeartthrobcopy2Last Heartthrob - Read The Complete Serial Free Online or Get it For Kindle

Readers who love classic noir fiction and film noir will enjoy this PI tale where a forgotten incident from out of the past has deadly consequences in the present.

A subject with a hidden past. A client with a hidden agenda. A mysterious woman who holds the key to their deadly secret.

When the opening gunshots signal P.I. Walter Forbes he's too late to save the lives his investigation put in jeopardy, he's left wondering if another sleuth could have put the pieces together in time.

Forbes's assignment, recounted in flashback, is a twenty-first century variation on classic noir themes. A triangle involving two men and a femme fatale. A private investigator trying to live by his moral code. Movie-maker wannabes crushed by their Hollywood dreams. Noir fans know that one wrong turn can seal a man's (or woman's) fate. But in a tale where everyone's guilty of something, it's not easy guessing whose fate is sealed.

Readers will discover along with Forbes the challenge of being a private eye in a post-private, Edward Snowden, digital surveillance age. Sometimes the more information you have on your subject, the harder it is to get at the truth, and the more dangerous it is for everyone.

Last Heartthrob extras include online features for the movies and Portland, Oregon locations that inspired it. The story is structured so that it can be enjoyed as a quick read or twelve individual short reads that are easy to fit into your busy schedule. The movie-loving characters directly refer to The Big Lebowski, The Narrow Margin, Double Indemnity, North by Northwest, In a Lonely Place, The Hitch-Hiker, and The Conversation. More subtle references include Laura, Vertigo, Night Moves, Mulholland Dr., and The Player.

Read Last Heartthorb Free Online or

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"With a Hitchcock-esque flair for noir, Bruce Cantwell uses the rain-soaked city of Portland as the backdrop for a twisty tale with retro undertones and a bang-up finale. Highly recommended! " Cindy Brown, author of the Ivy Meadows mysteries

"Great story - Highly recommended for fans of noir. I look forward to more from Walter Forbes. " – Stephen Campbell, The Author Biz.

"Evokes memories of the past era of detectives, femme fatales, and action set pieces that grip the reader." – Robert Hellinger on Amazon Write On for Kindle

"I'm hooked!" – Femme Noir

Extras: Noir, Neo-Noir and Hitchcock Movie Fun

Each episode's online extras feature a movie discussion either thematically related or referenced in the episode, music, and a local hangout nearby the Portland locations so that you can have a beer or a meal before or after inspecting the scene of the crime.

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cataloniancandidatecoverredThe Catalonian Candidate - A Sexy Political Thriller Read Free Online or Get it For Kindle

The road to the White House is paved with seduction.

Walter Forbes is a 21st century P.I./Information Security Specialist trying to do the right thing in an ethically challenged business and world.

But what is the 'appropriate action' to take when a client pulls the plug on a lucrative, long-term contract (a potentially career-ending blow) but then makes you another offer--work for a political candidate whose party allegiance and ethics are questionable at best?

That's just one dilemma private investigator and security wizard Walter Forbes and his astute and taciturn no-nonsense assistant, Jane Greer, face as they hit the campaign trail with Washington State Senator Guy Morton. Their job: Make sure he doesn't do something stupid, or if he does, make sure it doesn't instantly go viral on the web. But when a seemingly innocent contestant for the "Miss Pink Lady" crown at a Washington State harvest festival offers the senator a token of her appreciation, Walter and Jane sense big trouble.

Technology should make keeping tabs on the senator easy. Walter and Jane can listen in to private conversations, virtually observe clandestine rendezvous, track the senator's every move. But can those who unquestioningly worship the false god of technology hope to decode the enigma of human desire?

Read The Catalonian Candidate Free Online or

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"Take a solid mystery with an engaging detective protagonist, add timely complexity with a political plot, heat it up with a sexy suspect, put a cherry on top with a bit of Hitchcockian fun, and you've got The Catalonian Candidate."-- Cindy Brown, author of the Ivy Meadows Mysteries

"An innocuous campaign stop turns into something far more when Senator Morton witnesses a dance scene at a community festival that you'll have to read to believe."-- Stephen Campbell, author of Four Seasons of Reno Hart

"Walter Forbes and his partner Jane Greer (Jane Greer…) are hired to do tech security for Senator Guy Morton. But what began as '…a routine information security assignment had placed Forbes on the front lines of the War on Terror'…….or had it? Trojan horses abound. People are not what or who they seem to be. In fact, 'Forbes, Morton, and agent Butterfield looked at the same people in the same room, but what they saw couldn’t differ more.' And the characters are plunged into a slam-bang sortie of the Realpolitik of today’s political scene before the story circles back on itself to the beginning…Enjoyable. Timely. And a hell of a lot of fun." -- Shamus Award Winning Author Paul D. Marks

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