carmenThe Catalonian Candidate An Imaginary Epilogue

Other Influences

This is where I recklessly speculate about what happened to some of the characters in the story after we bid our farewell. You're free to choose your own future adventure for them, but this is all for fun, so...

It gives me a chance to share my favorite ironic use of a song: one sung by Frank Sinatra.

There's a delightful little dance to a number by The Gipsy Kings to a tune that I used to set the mood each day while writing.

Plus, we'll take a look of some scenes from movies and opera that I revisited while shaping the story.

After the YouTube video scandal, Senator Guy Morton has to go before his voters and explain his erratic behavior. Of course, George Kaplan has a script for him to read. Another one of my mother's favorite musicals was Guys and Dolls. And this Guy certainly had problems with his "doll." So he steps up to the podium and sings.

I used music from The Gipsy Kings to set the mood for reasons I'll mention below. One of the songs with a particularly eastern vocal was Djobi Djoba. And one of the versions of Djobi Djoba featured a belly dancer named Omaris dancing for the first time with her daughter. I thought it made a fitting epilogue for Desiree's character.

The idea for Guy Morton banging on the door came to me from The Heiress, but as I watched The Graduate again recently, I realized that ending might have had some influence as well.

In Last Heartthrob, the movie the screenwriter character wrote, Paging Mr. Kaplan ended up on top of the Space Needle. Alfred Hitchcock liked to stage scenes of chaos at national monuments. So did Alan J. Pakula with The Parallax View.

There are some similarities and differences between the ending of The Catalonian Candidate and the ending of North by Northwest..

There are many similarities between the character of Concha Perez in The Woman and the Puppet and Carmen. They seemed to meet in the Habanera number. The clip from the Carlos Saura flamenco version of Carmen staged by Antonio Gades is no longer available on YouTube, but here's the choreography that I compared to ballet. Carmen Habanera.

There's a neural connection in my brain between The Gipsy Kings and The Peking Opera because Lisa (a friend with whom I also caught a flamenco performance) and I were going to see the Peking Opera in Chicago, but she won an all expense paid record promotion by the Gipsy Kings to go see a live taping of Saturday Night Live in New York that evening.

A play about East-West cultural ignorance during the Vietnam conflict featured a performer from the Peking Opera and a French diplomat: M. Butterfly.

We were able to swap the tickets for Thursday night instead, and she gave me The Gipsy King CD she received as part of the promotion because she didn't have a CD player at the time.

One of the songs on that CD was Bamboleo.

I hope that I succeeded in keeping Walter Forbes, Senator Morton, and you slightly Bamboleo (off balance) with The Cantalonian Candidate.

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