One of the most puzzling marketing challenges I've faced in promoting authors through this Mysterious News experiment has been trying to explain the value of sharing. It's one thing to hit like on a Facebook page. It's another thing entirely to share.

If you're a writer, and no one shares news about your book, you will never reach a reader you don't already know.

If you're a reader, and no one tells you about a new writer's work, you'll never find a writer you haven't already read.

In this issue, I'm grateful to have Hank Phillippi Ryan explain that. We'd emailed back and forth to try and set up an interview. As busy as she was, and is, she wasn't too busy to talk to us. But one thing after another fell through. In the end, you newsies shared and I got the story anyway.

Art Taylor shared Hank's post from Henery Press's blog, so I was able to share Art and Henery. It wass just what I needed so I asked Hank if I could use it. She said, sure. I nudged Kathy Boone Reel via Facebook to post her review of Hank's book in time for her book birthday for Say No More. In turn, I shared the link to her website. Hank shared her cover story in fiftyplus advocate so I was able to mention and link that.

I went to The Author Biz archives for newsie Stephen Campbell's interview with Hank. If you look up sharing in the dictionary, you'll one day find a picture of Steve.

Newsie James W. Ziskin wrote a blurb for Melissa Lenhardt's The Fisher King so I was able to link to his website and books.

Newsie Paul D. Marks wrote a review of The Catalonian Candidate, so I was able to link back to his books. I snuck in blurbs by Cindy Brown and Stephen Campbell to link to their books.

Newsie Shannon Baker wrote a review of Renee Patrick's Design for Dying so I was able to link her books and website.

Instead of having three authors talking about their own books to their own readers, I wound up with eleven writers sharing their work with each other, and (fingers-crossed) you'll share their work with your fellow readers via email and social media.

Kinda grateful for that.

What are you going to share next?

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