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Through year-end 2016, I plan to build book Mysterious News issues around the following Newsie releases.

Julie Mulhern - Send in the Clowns - Oct. 25.

Send me your spooky real life ghost stories, favorite good or bad horror book or movie.

2016 Triplets Edition:
Hank Phillippi Ryan - Say No More - Nov. 1

Melissa Lenhardt - The Fisher King - Nov. 1

Bruce Cantwell - The Catalonian Candidate - Nov. 1

Send in your favorite political thriller or satire (my personal favorite) book or movie and/or recommended drinking games for election night.

Noir Friday Edition - Nov. 25

Since a shocking percentage of annual book sales falls between Nov. 25, I'll round up our 2016 book birthdays here.

Send in your favorite mystery, thriller, suspense book or movie of the year.

Matt Coyle - Dark Fissures -  Dec. 6

Send in your favorite holiday season mystery, thriller, or suspense book or movie.

Another Upcoming Issue

My next book is non-fiction so I'll be building a web platform in another space, but since this is your newsletter, and I suspect that some of you may be writing your next book in the mystery, thriller, suspense genre, I'll say what I say in every issue.

"Help Mysterious News support YOU. This is your newsletter. By sharing this newsletter on Facebook and twitter, you help grow the readership. The more readers, the more exposure you get for your next book release or review.

If you are a subscriber writing in the mystery or suspense genres and have an upcoming pre-sale date or new book release, please let me know in advance so I can include your news with applicable links.

If you are a reader in the mystery or suspense genres and have read a book you'd like to share with others, please let me know (and please include a link to your Amazon or other marketplace book review link)."

I created this blog/newsletter because:

When the brain connects an author's name with the name on the title of a book in a social media post, the remainder of the comment instantly gets filtered out or becomes suspect.

Except for Cindy Brown, Cynthia Lott, and Stephen Campbell, who I bumped into through social media, I connected with every other author on Mysterious News because someone shared news about them.

[Marketing tip. I've observed that some writers are inclined to click LIKE when they see something about themselves that their readers might want to know. Shares and retweets are much more powerful than LIKES.]

Discoverability, reviews, and the reader-writer connection remain a challenge for all authors at all stages of their careers.

In this issue, I lucked out to find that Hank Phillippi Ryan blurbed Allen Eskens. It gave me content I could use and tease Hank's upcoming book at the same time.

I learned about Shannon Baker through Stephen Campbell and Jeanette Hubbard.

In previous issues, I loved being able to share Jenna's (aka Girl with Book Lungs) reviews of Julie and Ellen's books.

I may not have time to scour the web for your news as much as I used to, but if you give me a heads up via email and help with the content creation, I'll be happy to keep your new releases, reviews, and other ideas in front of Mysterious News readers.


Thanks to Elizabeth and Cindy for helping Mysterious News help mystery writers and readers by using the PayPal link (below.)



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