gillianflynn1Boucherconfidential 2016

Once again, for safety purposes, Mysterious News covered its fellow Newsians at Bouchercon from a secure bunker located somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

But, I consulted with P.I./Information Security Specialist Walter Forbes on how I could follow you all in the field. He quoted me a price. I balked. So here's what I could figure out using Facebook.

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cindybrownwaltermoselyCindy Brown

Though Lisa Alber was probably our first sandals on the ground (I was going to use the term boots but she pointed out sandals were more appropriate to New Orleans), Cindy was on the first panel.

Sisters in Crime presented the workshop "Doing Diversity Right" on Wednesday afternoon. The keynote speaker was Walter Mosley.

Elizabeth Maxell wrote: What an amazing workshop on diversity. So much learned, so many ideas for deepening diverse characters I already have.

Catriona McPherson wrote: Punching the air, because Cindy Brown just said "disability rights are civil rights." YES!

Her fellow panelists: Terri Bischoff, Greg Herren, and Frankie Y. Bailey.

On Thursday, Cindy participated in the WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES - Diversity, Disorder and Detection panel with J. D. Allen (M), Meg Gardiner, Catherine Lea, Michael Sears, and Charles Todd.

cindygroupOn Friday, she was spotted with Glen Erik Hamilton, Amy Hamilton, Mia Maria Siler, Lisa Alber, and Jennifer Kincheloe at the Roosevelt Hotel. To find out why Glen Erik Hamilton is smiling (other than the obvious one) see Awards.

Oliver Twisted is Cindy Brown's third madcap Ivy Meadows Mystery. It made me laugh so hard that beer shot out of my nose.

Cindy Brown's website

mattcoylecatrionaMatt Coyle

First spotted at Noir at the Bar, hosted by Eric Beetner. With Meg Gardiner, Grant Jerkins, Lori Rader-Day, Terrence McCauley, Steve Cavanagh, Thomas Pluck, Neliza Drew, Rob Brunet, Jay Stringer, Kris Calvin, Rick Ollerman, Michael Pool, Steph Post, SW Lauden, Danny Gardner, and Craig Faustus Buck.

He's seen here with Catriona McPherson (that's the woman with the Scottish accent. You know). They were both nominated for Anthony Awards for best novel this year.

On Saturday, he participated in DOIN' WHAT COMES NATUR'LLY – Writing believable characters with Meg Gardiner (M), Diane Vallere, Erik Storey, and Marty Wingate.

Matt's Night Tremors was an Anthony nominee for best novel. His third novel Dark Fissures in the Anthony Award-Winning Rick Cahill Crime Series is out December 6.

Matt's website

CANewsomeC.A. Newsome

Carol Ann Newsome was the stealthiest of our Newsie crew. She evaded our video surveillance but was kind enough to turn herself in.

She participated in KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU - Cozy with Carolyn Tillery (M), Shawn Reilly Simmons, Kristi Abbott, Loretta Ross, and Debra Goldstein.

She reported: "I swear I sat behind James Patterson on the shuttle yesterday. But he's not in the program."

She observed that half the books (or more) had the word Girl in the title. Best variation: Gone Gull.

She also posted a photo of another friend of Mysterious News accepting an award. Keep reading to find out who.

Muddy Mouth is the fifth book in C.A. Newsome's Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries.

About Carol Ann Newsome

brianthiemellenbyronEllen Byron

Ellen was first spotted at TAKE ME HOME - setting on Thursday with Ellen Rebecca Swope(M), R. G. Belsky, Amy M. Reade, R. Franklin James, and Lori Roy.

Julie Mulhern reported that her panel was fabulous, of course.

Ellen thought the food at Broussard's was amazing and wanted to know if anyone wanted to trade a M Bouchercon t-shirt for an L. Coincidence?

Ellen's debut novel, Plantation Shudders: A Cajun Country Mystery, made the USA Today Bestsellers list, and has been nominated for Agatha, Lefty, and Daphne awards. On Saturday night, Ellen celebrated her book launch for Body on the Bayou, her second Cajun Country Mystery. She's pictured here with Brian Thiem.

About Ellen

arttayloranthonyArt Taylor

10 Memorable Bouchercon Moments

Accepting this year's Anthony Award for Best Anthology was a true honor and a highlight of the festival, but heading home on the plane last night and thinking back over the weekend now, several other moments stand out as memorable too. Here's 10 -not from the big events but in the in-between times, which may well generally be the most important.

Reading through for mention of Newsies. Oh, No. 9

9. Cindy Brown, Ellen Byron, and J.A. Hennrikus/Julianne Holmes taking time for small conversations that each meant so much, testament to the friendships we've formed and the terrific people you are-and then celebrating Ellen's new book! (And a quick shout-out to Liz Mugavero, for fun banter and impeccable patience.)

Read All 10

Art Taylor is the author of On the Road with Del & Louise: A Novel in Stories, winner of the Agatha Award for Best First Novel and a finalist for both the Anthony Award and the Macavity Award for Best First Novel.

Art's website

taylorstevensTaylor Stevens

Taylor Stevens won the Barry Best Thriller Award for her latest Vanessa Michael Munroe novel The Mask.

She also participated in THE BOXER- writing violence with Zoe Sharp (M), Sheila Redling, Melinda Leigh, Thomas Pluck, and E.A. Aymar during which she remarked that audiences are bloodthirsty and found the F-bomb much more upsetting than graphic violence.

"I can't belive she swore while she cut his head off."

Taylor is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of the critically acclaimed Vanessa Michael Munroe series. She shares her Bouchercon adventures with Newsie Stephen Campbell on this episode of The Taylor Stevens Show.

Taylor's website

Taylor's podcast

juliemulhernJulie Mulhern

(with Shawn Reilly Simmons - L)

Julie participated in YESTERDAY - Historical with John Billheimer (M), Jeri Westerson, Susan Spann, Kathleen Kent, and Charles Finch

The memories I carry with me from Bouchercon? Charles Finch, who was sitting next to me during the history panel, made me laugh so hard I spit water on him. And then there’s the evening I met up with Jim Ziskin to talk 60s and 70s…Ellie Stone, Ellison Russell…If size matters, Jim’s flask matters. A lot. So. Much. Scotch.

And isn’t it funny in a convention of 1,800 people how one runs into the same people over and over again? Lucky me, I ran into Marla Cooper. And every time I did, she made me laugh. Of course.

Julie is the author of the Country Club Murder Series set in 1970s Kansas City and the Bayou romantic suspense series set in turn-of-the-twentieth century...well, you guessed it: New Orleans.

Julie's website

jimziskinflaskJames Ziskin

(and flask - mentioned above)

James Ziskin is author of the Ellie Stone Mysteries.

Welcome aboard Mysterious News, Jim.

Jim's website

hanksfavoriteHank Phillippi Ryan

Pictured at far right with (L-R) Reed Farrel Coleman, Susan Blaedel, Lisa Unger, and Linwood Barclay.

Hank hit the ground reporting with this video from the line for the opening ceremony.

Hank paritcipated in BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX – Touring: Stories from the road with Molly Weston (M), Rhys Bowen, Andrew Grant, Steve Hamilton, and Deborah Crombie.

She moderated LEARN TO BE LONELYWriting is solitary, being an author doesn’t need to be, with Wendy Tyson, Gigi Pandian, Terrie Farley Moran, Julie Hennrikus, Kim Fay, and Kate White.

Hank is the on-air investigative reporter for Boston's NBC affiliate, winning 33 EMMYs and dozens more journalism honors. The bestselling author of nine mysteries, Ryan's also an award-winner in her second profession with five Agathas, two Anthonys, two Macavitys, the Daphne, and Mary Higgins Clark Award.

Hank's What You See was an Anthony nominee for best novel.

Her new novel Say No More is out Nov. 1.

Hank's website

alleneskensAllen Eskens

Allen participated in BAD COMPANY Living Among (and trying to escape) The Criminal Element with Judy Clemens (M) Brian Panowich, Elizabeth Little, Glen Erik Hamilton, Allen Eskens, Mark Pryor.

Allen Eskens is the USA Today-bestselling author of The Life We Bury, The Guise of Another and The Heavens May Fall. He is the recipient of the Barry Award, Rosebud Award, and the Silver Falchion Award and has been a finalist for the Edgar¬ Award, Thriller Award, Anthony Award, and the Minnesota Book Award. His debut novel, The Life We Bury, has been published in 16 languages and is being developed for a feature film.

Allen is celebrating a book birthday: The Heavens May Fall bows today (Oct. 4.)

About Allen Eskens

lisaalberumbrellaLisa Alber

Lisa writes about her four Bouchercon experiences in Bouchercon for Dummies (Fourth Bouchercon's the Charm!)

Excerpt:"I don't know if I can call myself an "old-hand" yet, but I was certainly comfortable and knew that every time I walked through the bar/lobby, I'd see someone I knew. The joke was that if you wanted to get anywhere, you had to duck your head to not see and hopefully not be seen.

I think I went to one panel. Most of all, I realized that I knew how to do Bouchercon. Paced myself when it came to staying up late and drinking (difficult in New Orleans!), took time outs to rest in my room or wander the French Quarter on my own, ceased worrying about whether I was missing something. I barely thought about the release of my second novel, WHISPERS IN THE MIST in August, to be honest. In fact, I forgot my bookmarks and business cards at home!"

Lisa Alber is the author of the County Clare Mysteries Kilmoon and Whispers in the Mist. "Lisa Alber's mysteries are atmospheric-brooding, complex, and featuring enough twists and turns to keep you guessing." -Lori Rader-Day, Anthony and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author of The Black Hour and Little Pretty Things

Lisa's website

melissalenhardt1Melissa Lenhardt

Seen here at Noir at the Bar with Anna Davis (L). Melissa Lenhardt participated in ANOTHER TOWN, ANOTHER TRAIN - Setting with Michele Drier (M), RJ Noonan, R. M. Cartmel, Caro Ramsay, and William Shaw.

Melissa Lenhardt writes mystery, historical fiction, and women's fiction. Her short fiction has appeared in Heater Mystery Magazine, The Western Online, and Christmas Nookies, a holiday romance anthology. Her debut novel, Stillwater, was a finalist for the 2014 Whidbey Writers' MFA Alumni Emerging Writers Contest. She is a member of the DFW Writers' Workshop and vice president of the Sisters in Crime North Dallas Chapter. Melissa lives in Texas, with her husband and two sons.

Her second Jack McBride novel The Fisher King is out Nov. 1. She also writes the Laura Elliston westerns.

Melissa's website

nancycolesilvermanbagNancy Cole Silverman

Nancy Cole Silverman participated in MAKE 'EM LAUGH - Humor with Shawn Reilly Simmons (M), Shaun Harris, Susan Rogers Cooper, Marla Cooper, and Helen Smith.

Nancy faced a real life mystery when her blue bag went missing. LOST! My blue book bag was mistakenly given away by the bell captain at the Marriott to someone Sunday, sometime around 1 - 3 p.m.. If you find it, it has my iPad, charger, eye glasses, bookmarks, biz cards and lots of magazines etc. Please share this, Between all us mystery writers hopefully we will find this. Notify me via Facebook. Thank you.

Well, Bouchercon, Mysterious News, and a host of other authors spread the word and...

On Sept. 24 Nancy posted: LOST NO MORE! My book bag, IPAD & glasses arrived in the mail today. Thank you to all, particularly Michael Dymmoch, for helping to solve this mystery.

Nancy Cole Silverman enjoyed a long and very successful career in radio before turning to print journalism and later, to fiction.Today Nancy is a full-time author. Her new series, The Carol Childs Mysteries, is published by Henery Press.

About Nancy Cole Silverman

Nancy interviewed on Destination Mystery

Mysterious Newsians are a Busy Crew. But with everyone back safely. That's a wrap.

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