gillianflynn1Four Seasons of Reno Hart
A Collection of Reno Hart Adventures
by Stephen Campbell

Released May 7

Congratulations to Stephen Campbell on his Reno Hart story collection.

"Reno Hart is a former MP turned PI who has an incredible talent for finding trouble wherever she goes. With sharp prose that would make Raymond Chandler proud, author Stephen Campbell weaves four short tales about a year in Reno's life. Hearkening back to old school 'Locked Room' mysteries with a modern twist, Campbell covers everything from blackmail to murder to preventing an assassination."

"I have a new favorite PI. Reno Hart is a smart, likable, kick-ass investigator who is also human and retains a natural femininity. Stephen Campbell is a vivid new voice in crime fiction."

"All four stories are terse and fast-paced. Reno is on a roll. The right gal for the right crime."

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