Posts, Tools, and Coaching for Lasting Well-Being

After taking a very bumpy journey with a lot of detours on the road to lasting well-being, I thought, there must be an easier way.

Happily, advances in neuroscience now confirm that all of the qualities of "lasting happiness" are learned skills that can be cultivated through practice.

Since none of us has a one-size-fits-all definition of what lasting well-being even means, the best way forward is to pool our insights and practice them together!

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"We all suffer. The socially normalized concepts of what are supposed to make us happy rarely do. Instead of pretending to be happy to fit in Bruce has opted to do thousands of hours of research on wellbeing, and now he's creating a sort of Cliff's Notes version of all that studying to help each of us learn to consider adding new tools and resources to our world in order to lessen our individual suffering."–Samantha Hess 

"Your post got me to get off my butt and join Patreon! Your article really meshes with what our family talked about so much during the last six months and whether reading all the news added to or subtracted from our well-being."–Bill Madill ("Breaking My News Addiction")

"Both the most memorable and the most useful part of the course for me has been the practice of building in small celebrations of achievements. Although I was initially skeptical, I've continued to celebrate the accomplishment of tiny goals in a variety of ways. Sometimes I feel silly and I laugh at myself which ends up as a kind of bonus celebration!  Over time, I'm noticing that I am more aware of where my time is going and have a greater sense of peace and clarity around whatever I do or don't do on a given day."–Jocelyn Furbush ("Well-Being Toolbox")

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These ideas and exercises help address the underlying causes of common challenges to lasting well-being. For best results, select a challenge you’re curious about, browse the titles and descriptions, and choose something you can get yourself to try.


These readings and exercises use tested techniques from the fields of psychology, evolutionary biology, and neuroscience to boost a sense of well-being. For best results, start with an aspect of well-being you’d like to improve, then scan the titles and descriptions for readings and exercises you’d like to explore.