lh1647About Bruce Cantwell

Mental well-being writing:Bruce's ongoing study of the world's archetypal stories began with the PBS series Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth in 1988. As a storyteller, journalist, advertising creative, and long-time mindfulness practitioner, he is familiar with the cultural and social cues media employs to feed discontent and depression.

Mystery writing: Bruce's sixth-grade research paper traced the modern detective story from Edgar Allan Poe’s the Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin to Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, who had yet to face his final Curtain. Anthony Shaffer’s Sleuth, Ira Levin’s Deathtrap, and CBS Radio Mystery Theater met in his first full-length play Who Shot Captain Dark?

Last Heartthrob grew from an overheard aha moment for a murder mystery, coupled with the tale of a most unusual real-life romance: one that had noir written all over it.

The Catalonian Candidate grew from the political campaign mentioned in the opening chapter of Last Heartthrob, the text that inspired Luis Buñuel's That Obscure Object of Desire, the missing character from Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, Richard Condon's The Manchurian Candidate, and many of the issues that came to the forefront during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Other writing: Bruce comes from an advertising/journalism background and has developed web presences for musicians, actors, and artists. He is currently the editor of Mysterious News, which helps authors and readers connect through cross-promotion.