General Well-Being

I’m experiencing a general sense of well-being

Three Good Things: The Science of Happiness Podcast

Each episode of the positive psychology podcast, “The Science of Happiness” consists of a summary of a happiness practice, an interview with a happiness guinea pig (who has tried the practice out), and gives a brief summary of the research suggesting why the practice is helpful.

Four Key Concepts for More Loving Relationships

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare’s character Lysander says, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” How well we negotiate relationships can mean the difference between depression and well-being. Susan Piver’s new book The Four Noble Truths of Love helps us navigate that course.

Awe Walks Made Easy

Awe can be a powerful antidote to the apathy that arises from depression. Here are some ideas for finding it right outside your door.

7 Shocking Links Between Sleep and Depression

Shortly after you were born, your mother had a shocking conversation with her doctor about your unusual sleep habits.

Practicing Our Mistakes

It’s true that practicing strengthens our habits. But, like “the Force” in the Star Wars saga, what we practice has both a light and a dark side.

Interdependence Day

It’s ironic but totally healthy that we mark our nation’s independence with a celebration of dictatorship, interdependence, and e pluribus unum.

Choosing Well-Being

There are few topics that I resist more than the realities of aging. But, John Leland’s book Happiness is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest Old shows how mindful choices can improve our lives at any age.

Learning to Stumble Less

Learning to walk was a trial and error affair. I fell down a lot, watched what the grown-ups did, and gradually learned to stumble less: sort of the way I learned to process my emotions. But what if the grown-ups I learned from were doing it wrong?