Too Much Sleep – No Energy

I sleep all the time. I have no energy.

7 Shocking Links Between Sleep and Depression

If you’re not getting the recommended amount of sleep (about eight hours a night), this single untreated condition can lead to every other depression symptom. Getting getting the appropriate amount of sleep can have just as striking benefits for well-being.

Self-Compassion or Self-Sabotage?

“If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? If not now, when?” –Rabbi Hillel.

If the quote that starts off the Self-Compassion Chapter of psychologist Dr. Rick Hanson’s book Resilience makes you a little self-conscious, you’re not alone.

A Meaningless Meaningful Olympic Moment

An underrated aspect of depression is a prevailing sense that life is meaningless. When used the right way, this key insight can lead to mental well-being, inner peace, and outward empathy.

Motivation to Meet Our Needs

I was running low on motivation this week. Instead of coming up with a post idea, I decided to take it easy on myself and change the world instead.

How to Care for a Hungry Ghost

I don’t believe that I’ve ever experienced an encounter with a disembodied spirit, but anyone who has ever experienced depression knows what it’s like to be haunted.