Keeping Score on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

I’ve taken two courses, The Science of Happiness and The Science of Well-Being where I was asked to answer a “happiness” survey each week and keep track of my scores to determine how the weekly material impacted my happiness.

When it comes to depression, anxiety, and stress, we’re usually aware when we’re suffering. But how do we bring awareness to times when we’re not? How do we gain insights into what helps us feel okay so we can do more of it? How do we recognize when we’re starting to slide so that we can apply some antidotes?

I was elated when Alex Korb’s Upward Spiral newsletter introduced me to the DASS 21 Depression Anxiety Stress Scale.

It’s a great way to improve awareness of areas you’d like to target, try an exercise to work on it for a week, and test again to notice progress or regress.

“The DASS 21 is a self report evaluation scale aimed at revealing the severity of symptoms that the patient suffers from and which can be associated with depression or anxiety or are consistent with stress manifestations.

“The scale can be used for screening, however, for diagnosis, the patient should be referred for specialist consultation.”

Give it a try.

Author: Bruce Cantwell

Writer, journalist and long-time mindfulness practitioner.